Finding the Money Trail fixing cases for bad dads. Facilitated with the HHS Access-Visitation Enforcement program, The Responsible Fatherhood program and Fatherhood Faith Based Initiative; funded by earmarks, executive orders and other hidden measures.

White House 1995 Executive Order requring all departments to support fatherhood programs
This is what started the Responsible Fatherhood programs which are currently running in over 10 federal departments and agencies !

Administration for Children and Families Home Page - this federal division of HHS is the source of the funding which is fueling the court corruption problems.  Judge are making their rulings according to the program grant requirements and not by the case evidence.  Past ACF officials were closely associated with the fathers rights groups and leaders, and essentially turned the dept into a pro-father, abuse cover-up agency.

ACF Responsible Fatherhood site
This site has a good example of  their "pass-the-buck" excuses of their own fraud: 'the federal government is not authorized to handle custody and visitation - so we will have the state agencies do it for us':
"Although visitation is not in the same office as child support, the state CSE agency should be able to tell you who can help with custody and visitation enforcement in the state.  Family law, including parental rights, is under the jurisdiction of the individual states, and the Federal government cannot intervene."

More HHS-ACF sites where programs are set up to promote the interests of responsibility evading fathers
Child Access and Visitation Grants:State/Jurisdiction Profiles for FY 2006 
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood, U.S. HHS 2006
HHS-ACF  Responsible Fatherhood Report -  2008  

OCSE Responsible Fatherhood Programs, "Early Implementation Lessons, Center for Policy Research, Jessica Pearson, Ph.D., Nancy Thoennes, Ph..D."    This is the demonstration programs which was the basis for all the others.
 We have excerpted the most relevant pages of this 105 page report, highlighted with inserted notes pinpointing the sections describing the fraudulent intent.  Look for sections which describe free attorney for fathers and child support abatements.

This Michigan fathers rights group even offers litigation forms.  Doesn't this indicate that non-lawyers are offering litigation assistance which of course is illegal??  Dads of Michigan / Fathers are Parents Too     

This Michigan State Dept of Human Resources site offers fathers litigation help.  Hasn't anybody told them that HHS-ACF funds are not authorized for litigation. Even worse they appear to be to soliciting for litigation?
MI-DHS - Dads get free legal advice and information about parenting "  
The series is sponsored by the Michigan Department of Human Services' Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, Michigan State University's Chance at Childhood, and community providers of the Proud Fathers-Proud Parents programs"  
( This money is coming  from the $150,000,000 middle-of-the night earmark got by NFI - see below) . 

FORMER HHS ASSISTANT SECRETARY, WADE HORN, GOT HUGE EARMARKED FUNDING FOR FATHERS' FATHERS LITIGATION $150,000,000 "middle-of-the-night" Dec. 2005 "earmark" for fatherhood programs, engineered by Wade Horn's and his Senate allies, when Horn was HHS Assistant Secretary for ACF, which only a few knew about until after the Senate session ended the next day.   
National Fatherhood Initiative ::: NFI Capacity-Building grants  
HHS gives the money to NFI, who in turn distributes it to local state agencies and fathers group (renamed to appear more neutral).  On this site you will find a long list of organizations which received these grant funds from N.F.I.   Horn resigned from his HHS-ACF top position in mid-2007  (coincidently after Liz submitted documentation to high level HHS legal officials about Horn serious conflicts with the fathers rights over these programs. 

Apparently nobody at the Washington D.C. court system heard about the laws against gender bias, since they have setup special courts for fathers.  This court (also acting as a social program) starts out with the assumption the father is the good guy who needs more "help".  Wonder which gender will be favored in court rulings?  
 Superior Court, OAG Collaborate to Form New Fathering Court   (note: the article including these comments on the  page)
"The family court of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia has partnered with the D.C. Office of the Attorney General and other D.C. government agencies to create a new entity, the Fathering Court. This program, currently in the pilot phase, will help recently incarcerated fathers get the help they need to support their families through services such as drug treatment, parenting classes, and job training."

"The Fathering Court will help an initial class of 45 non-custodial fathers become responsible for their children through a combination of needs assessment, case management, and linkage to community resources. Resources for Fathering Court participants include mandatory fathering classes, employment training, and family and parental educational classes. Participants also must maintain sobriety, which will be enforced through mandatory drug testing. An individual case manager and the Fathering Court program manager will monitor each participant’s progress."

“The Fathering Court is a unique effort to help fathers returning from prison become better parents—financially and emotionally—to their children,” said Family Court Presiding Judge Anita Josey-Herring. “[W]e will be able to help them find gainful employment, slowly increase the amount of child support they owe, and to develop meaningful relationships with their children. Custodial parents will get the child support they are due, fathers will have a chance to meet their support requirements, and the relationship between parent and child will be about more than just money.”

D.C. Attorney General Linda Singer agreed.

“Parents coming out of prison have many strikes against them, and this program is designed to give them a fighting chance to be a parent to their child or children,” she said.

Magistrate Judge Milton Lee, who will preside over Fathering Court cases, added that he looked forward to the challenge that this new program represents.

“Judges who hear child support cases can grow weary of excuses, just as those returning from prison can grow weary of job application rejections, and custodial parents can grow weary of not receiving court-ordered child support. And the children living without the benefit of appropriate financial and emotional support from both parents are the ones who suffer most,” he said. “We know that children benefit from having both parents involved in their lives.”

Some agencies supporting the Fathering Court include the Bureau of Prisons, Child Support Services Division, Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, Fatherhood Initiative of the Department of Human Services, and D.C. Office of the Attorney General. —J.R.

Safe Visit Topeka -CRC / Supervised Visitation Network Action Alert
Note site section  mention of CRC influence in getting HHS money:   "Because more than a half million families have been helped since the first $10 million a year in access funds was provided, at the Children's Rights Council's request"

Illinois Fathers Rights Leader Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd. Attorneys at Law  got huge grant from corrupt Gov. Blagojevich.
"Leving was appointed as Chair of the Council on Responsible Fatherhood for the State of Illinois by Governor Rod Blagojevich".   
Feb 15, 2008 Illinois Council Responsible Fatherhood   
CHICAGO, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood (ICRF) is hosting a lecture and symposium with community leaders and representatives from state and social service agencies on significant family law issues.
The event will be hosted by Father's Rights Attorney Jeffery Leving, appointed by Governor Blagojevich as Chairman of this State Commission. ICRF will feature several prominent expert lecturers on parental alienation, custody and visitation.

 Judge Timothy Murphy, Cook County Circuit Court, will lecture on "Paternity and Divorce Issues Related to Establishing a Parent's Right to
Visit." Thereafter, Chief Judge Michael Stuttley, Cook County Circuit Court, 6th Municipal District/Markham, will lecture on "Parental Alienation from the Juvenile Court's Standpoint." Leading Chicago family law attorney Timothy S. O'Grady will lecture on "Correctly Litigating Complex Custody Cases." The lecture will conclude with Dr. Leon Intrater's presentation on "Children's Rights and Keeping Marriages Together after the Romance of Valentine's Day Ends." The end of this holiday shouldn't be the end of a relationship.
    Event Details
    WHO:    Attorney Jeffery Leving, Chairman, ICRF
    WHAT:   Post-Valentine's Day Marital and Family Law Symposium & Think Tank
    WHERE:  Prairie State College
            202 South Halsted
            Chicago Heights, IL
SOURCE The Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood

Notice on this site the picture Leving in center, surrounded by Judges. (judge probably on the take from the Leving controlled Blagojevich sponsored fatherhood fund) The Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood 

Sources of Funding for Male and Father-Involvement Programs Family Therapy Center -- Expert help on custody, parental alienation and parent   New York & Gerogia

Georgia Fatherhood Programs

Wade Horn Resigns, Perhaps he was thinking that the revelation "shortly before his resignation" that the nearly $1 million he gave to the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), where he had been  the president for many  years prior to joining the Bush administration in 2001, as Assistant HHS Secretary for Administration for Children & Families - was only the tip of the iceberg. 

The HHS Inspector General is supposed to be the oversight auditors for the department.  Instead , they are ordering the states to turn over  abandonded child support money to the federal government.  Their policy is the that the state child support agencies must  split 66% for federal vs 34% for state, all collected but not received or deposited by custodial parent .  States are allowed to devise their own policies and methods to verify when a child support account payment  is "abandoned",  which means the custodial parent can not be located, or the checks are not cashed, or the mailed check is returned as undeliverable mail.  This purported "abandoned" funds must be distributed back to the federal government.   A few quick calls to state child support agencies revealed in at least one large state - the method of handling and determining  an "abandoned" payment was fraudulent
and most like a deliberate "set-up-to fail" procedure, enabling the state agency to continue collecting the support money from the non-custodial parent while  not sending  it to the custodial parent and eventually keeping the money for the state's  general fund.   
Search this site for Inspector General reports titled:  "Review of Undistributable Child Support Collections..." instructing various state agencies to return to the federal government monies collected from the non-custodial parent which have not been received by the custodial parent. 
HHS-Inspector General Audit Report

This information was turned over to a Daytona Beach reporter who wrote an article on her findings of a similar situation with Florida's child support agency:

Daytona Beach NewJournal - ChildSupport 02/06/08  


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