Dear Ms. McElroy:

I read with much interest your recent bashing of the CA NOW report. Click here: Typical to your own personal biases, I am not surprised that you dismiss the report, based on faulty logic, misrepresentations and "father's rights" (FR) propaganda.  Click here: Scrapping NOW: Time to Redefine Feminism

As CA Director of the National Alliance for Family Court Justice -- an international grassroots organization addressing family court corruption, system failure and retaliation against "normal" mothers who report domestic violence and/or abuse of their children -- I have worked closely with CA NOW, providing them (and others) with documented evidence that:

1. FR groups are affiliated with pedophiles and others who advocate incest and deviant sex, including John Money, Ralph Underwager, Hollida Wakefield, Warren Farrell and Richard Gardner.

2. FR groups are connected to a court kickback/financial corruption scheme that calls for the misuse of federal program funds in the name of "fatherhood" and "shared parenting".

3. FR groups fabricated "parental alienation syndrome" as the strategy used to suppress evidence of child abuse and domestic violence, assist men with getting out of child support obligations and punish women and children in jails and institutions.

4. FR groups are comprised of misogynists, batterers, child molesters, sociopaths and criminals, their present wives, girlfriends and mothers, as well as those trying to repeal the 19th Amendment.

5. FR groups and their allied court "professionals" are connected to hundreds of cases across the country (and around the world) where "custody" has gone to child molesters, violent men and others who are unfit to be parents.

While "feminists" like yourself are primarily concerned with women's rights to "pornography" (i.e., degrading and deviant sex) Click here: > about, there are "feminists" (both men and women) like US, who are concerned with protecting women and children from those who view women and children as chattel and/or are talking about resorting to "bloodshed" to eliminate women altogether. (Yes, threats we have received from these "dads" are available upon request to legitimate journalists.)

Since you have publicly dismissed the NOW report as a bunch of "fluff", it is now up to you to show upon what basis YOU have done so. Please provide me with a statement that you dispute the facts stated above (numbered 1-5), including the evidence and proof you used to arrive at your conclusions. Also, please do provide me a statement as to your personal views regarding "sex" and "custody", "fatherhood" and "families".

Please respond A.S.A.P. and be advised that both this email and your response (or lack thereof) are being forwarded not only to CA NOW, but to all of the journalists, court reform groups and others that are monitoring this issue.

Thank you.

Cindy Ross

California Director
National Alliance for Family Court Justice